Shauna Rae Height, Biography and Age

Shauna Rae is a famous reality television star. She is best known for her role in Lisey’s Story and I Am Shauna Rae.

She is a cancer survivor who suffered from a rare medical condition that stunted her growth. It affected her pituitary gland and left her with the appearance of an eight-year-old.


Shauna Rae is a social media personality, actress and reality star who gained recognition after starring in a TLC show. The series, titled I Am Shauna Rae, premiered on January 11, 2022 and introduced fans to a 22-year-old woman who looks like an 8-year-old because of a rare condition known as pituitary dwarfism.

Her pituitary gland was partially dormant, which stunted her growth. As a result, she stopped growing by the age of 16.

She later suffered from long-term side effects caused by her cancer treatment. The chemotherapy and radiation treatments caused her pituitary gland to become dormant, which stunted growth hormones.

Despite her pituitary dwarfism, Shauna is an extremely talented artist and actress. She has been able to overcome her physical challenges and is currently looking for someone who will love her for her personality, not her height.


Shauna Rae is an American actress and television personality who rose to fame after appearing on the TLC show I Am Shauna Rae. The reality show follows her as she tries to navigate life “in the body of an 8-year-old” and find her way in a world that’s made for adults.

As a result of her treatment for brain cancer, her pituitary gland stopped functioning and she looks like a child because of this. Consequently, she is only 3 feet 10 inches tall and weighs just 30 kilograms.

Her height has been a challenge for her, and she finds that people often stare at her when she goes out. She said that it’s uncomfortable and that she wants to find someone who will accept her for who she is, not for her height or appearance.

She has an older sister named Tara Lesnick and two half-sisters from her mother’s side, Morgan Rae and Rylee. She also has a step-father named Mark Schrankel.

Body Measurements

She is 23 years old and is currently unmarried. She has no boyfriend at the moment but she wants a relationship with someone who loves her for her heart and not her body.

She was born on June 29, 1999, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Shauna Rae is a 23 year old American actress, television personality, and social media star. She gained international fame after her documentary series was released on January 11, 2022.

During her childhood, she was diagnosed with brain cancer and was treated with chemotherapy. This caused damage to her pituitary gland and stunted her growth, resulting in a condition called pituitary dwarfism.

Despite her height, she is determined to succeed in her career. She says she is constantly underestimated and excluded, but that does not stop her from fighting for what she believes in.


Shauna Rae is a young American actress and social media star. She rose to prominence after appearing on a documentary series that revolved around her life. She is currently a single woman.

According to reports, she is 23 years old. She has a rare condition that stunted her growth and left her “stuck” in an 8-year-old body.

Her pituitary gland stopped working as a result of the treatment she received for brain cancer. She had to undergo chemotherapy and other diagnostic procedures.

She has a long blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. She also has a fair complexion.

She is a fan of travelling and exploring different places. She also loves doing makeup. She likes brands like Nars, Charlotte Tilbury, and Tarte. She is very fond of dogs and animals. She wants to be in a relationship that accepts her for who she is and the way she looks.

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