Marc Kalman

Marc Kalman is a well-known art director, entrepreneur, and media face. He is best known for his work with Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend Travis Scott.

He has designed a variety of logos and branding for a number of brands. He also collaborated with Travis Scott on a series of music covers.

He is an art director

Marc Kalman is an American art director who has worked with rapper Travis Scott and a fashion brand called A Bathing Ape. He also created the logos for MADE Fashion Week and KNG Records.

He’s reportedly dating Bella Hadid, the model who is best known for her relationship with The Weeknd. Their romance appeared to spark on July 8, when Hadid posted a romantic picture with Kalman.

Despite his social media popularity, the art director prefers a more private lifestyle. He has only around 3,000 followers on Instagram and does not like sharing too much about his personal life.

According to 1985 profile, Kalman grew up in New York and is currently working as an art director. He mainly works in the music and fashion industries.

He’s currently enjoying his holidays in France with his girlfriend, Bella Hadid. The couple first got together in early 2020, and they haven’t gotten too far in their relationship yet.

He is the boyfriend of Bella Hadid

He is an art director and designer who has a high-profile clientele. He has worked on projects with Travis Scott, Milk Studios MADE Fashion Week and KNG Records, among others. He has also designed the logos for various fashion brands, including A Bathing Ape and Smoke x Mirrors eyewear.

He started dating Bella Hadid in 2020. They kept their relationship private for a year before making it public on Instagram.

After her high-profile relationship with The Weeknd ended, Bella is trying to keep her new love life a little more low-key. She doesn’t want to talk about her current romance in the same way as her previous high-profile relationships with The Weeknd and Duke Nicholson.

The model is reportedly still in love with Marc Kalman, and has been spotted together on vacation and at Paris Fashion Week. They have also been seen volunteering at a coat drive for The Bowery Mission in New York City, according to Page Six.

He is an American

Marc Kalman is a famous American artist who is known for his artworks, logos, and other designs. He has a lot of fans who are following him on social media.

He is also an entrepreneur who has been working in the field for many years. He earns a good amount of money from his career.

Currently, he is dating Bella Hadid. They are seen together in a picture on Bella’s official Instagram page.

As of now, the couple is based in France and have been enjoying it together. They have teamed up for charitable causes and have shown PDA in some of the most beautiful locations.

They worked with Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, Travis Scott, at the SX Tumblr IRL festival in 2015 and showcased their art installations at the venue where he performed. They also volunteered at The Bowery Mission in February 2022 and were seen arriving together in photos.

He is an artist

Marc Kalman is an artist who works with branding, merchandise design, and album art. He has collaborated with many brands, including Travis Scott and KNG Records. He has also created logos for the clothing line A Bathing Ape and a Smoke x Mirrors eyewear campaign.

He is a renowned artist who has designed a number of high-profile projects, including the Made Fashion Week logo and Travis Scott’s album cover. He has worked with Corey Damon Black, who is his business partner and is often referred to as “the future.”

They’ve been working together since the 2010s, “designing shit” for one of the most anticipated artists around. They’re wholly aware of their cultural currency and have their eyes on the prize.

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