How to Pack Clothes for Moving


What’s the most difficult part of moving? The packing of clothes is quite a daunting task for people having great bundles of clothes. From luxurious clothes to hats, shoes, and accessories, everything needs a proper packing plan to maintain its excellence.

In this article, we have come up with a step-by-step approach to guide you right about the packing of clothes for moving. We have crafted some brilliant ways of packing clothes within the garment bags or the creative boxes.

5 Things to Consider Before Packing Your Clothes

Making big piles of folded clothes just to throw into a bag is not an efficient solution to your problem. Rather, you require a packaging company specializing in the production of custom apparel boxes and custom hat boxes to exceptionally pack your clothes for moving. To learn more about the packing process, let’s have a look at some quick tips:

1. Decide What To Keep, What To Donate, And What To Sell

Take all the stuff out of your wardrobe and start dividing them into different piles. Make three sections: what to keep, what to donate, and what to sell. Do not try to keep the whole lot. Set the things aside that are new and still fit well.

2. Donate Your Used Clothes Items

Donate the clothes that are just filling your cupboards with no use for a very long time. You can help poor people by giving them the things you do not need. The summer and winter dresses having no worth for you, could protect someone else from the harshness of the weather. Sell trendy items at online markets to get a good amount of money out of them.

3. Sort Your Different Clothes Items 

The clothes are designed while keeping distinct purposes and different seasons in mind. You could make this clutter out of your wardrobe by making the entire closet empty. Such clothes usually rest at the end of the cupboard.

Sort By Material, Season, And By Person

Categorize the clothes by their material, season, and the concerned person. This would help you remain organized for moving and after moving. Makes separate piles of pants, shirts, and dresses to pack them efficiently for moving.

Label the bags and boxes to have an easy unboxing experience in the future.

4. Dry Clean Your Clothes Before Packing

Before packing, try to wash or dry-clean all the clothes. Some dirty clothes could make the entire lot dirty, so it is better to properly wash and dry them to preserve their quality. Do not pack damp clothes, this could turn into a great disaster while moving.

5. GO With The Right Packaging Materials

Are you done with the sorting and dry cleaning of your clothes? If yes, then it’s time to jump onto the next step of choosing the right packaging material for moving. Following, we have mentioned the most commonly used packaging supplies people are using all around the globe for moving:

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are becoming expensive nowadays. But they are quite effortless to find within the local as well as online market. Cardboard boxes are durable and keep the items safe from dust, damage, or moisture. Cardboard boxes are also environmentally friendly and keep nature safe with their sustainable characteristics. They are a perfect choice for packing clothes and are available in distinct sizes to fulfill your requirements.

Poly Mailer

Poly mailers are best for packing t-shirts and lightweight garments. He hold an adhesive material applied on the flap to make the sealing process effortless for the consumers. They are lightweight, tear-resistant, and easy to ship. They also hold great resistance against harsh weather, keeping the clothes in their premium condition.

Custom Apparel Boxes

Custom apparel boxes could be ordered from any packaging company to keep the garments secured within the thick box. These are usually crafted using corrugated cardboard to reduce the chances of damage. They could be ordered in the size you need to pack your clothes for moving. You could also get them labeled to make your processes easy while making proper arrangements. The custom-printed apparel boxes not only function as a great garment carrier but also add a fun factor to the boring packing procedure.

Custom Hat Boxes

Custom hat boxes are specifically design to ensure the safety of hats while moving. They are design to keep the hats protected from any type of cut, crack, crease, or damage. They are quite durable and preserve the hat shape as fresh as new. This is quite an effective technique for people possessing expensive hats for roaming.

Wrapping it Up

 Packing clothes demands great planning and attention to every minute detail. Therefore, it is imperative to hire an expert packaging company for the manufacturing of custom apparel boxes and custom hat boxes to keep your clothes enclosed within safe carriers. This would ease up your work and keep everything organized for unpacking. 

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