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How Adam Sandler Spent $420 Million

Discusses the financial aspects of Adam Sandler’s life, focusing on how he has utilized his substantial net worth. Here are some key points:

Adam Sandler has a net worth of $420 million, making him one of the wealthiest comedians in Hollywood.

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His movies have been highly successful, with hits like “Big Daddy,” “Grown Ups,” and “Click.”

Adam Sandler transitioned from an SNL cast member to a movie star and signed a lucrative film contract with Sony Pictures after the success of “Big Daddy.”

He earned $60 million for his role in “Anger Management.”

As his box office appeal declined, Sandler signed a $250 million contract with Netflix, which was later renewed for another $250 million and then again for $275 million. In total, Netflix paid Sandler $775 million to produce and star in 12 movies.

Sandler has spent his wealth on luxurious mansions, beachfront properties, expensive cars, and jewelry.

He bought a $12 million mansion in Pacific Palisades, previously owned by Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. Later, he also purchased the neighboring mansion.

Sandler’s real estate portfolio is estimated to be worth $40 million.

After the success of “Grown Ups,” he bought limited edition Maseratis for his co-stars Kevin James, Rob Schneider, Chris Rock, and David Spade, each worth $800,000.

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