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Notti Osama, a young and emerging talent in the music industry, tragically passed away, leaving a void in the hearts of his family, friends, and fans. His talent was undeniable and unbelievable. He (Ethan Reyes) is born on November 29, 2006 in NEW YORK. He is drill rapper and spend chilhood in Harlem with beloved parents and lovely friends. He is the yonger one kid in his family. DD Osama is the older brother of Notti Osama.

At the time of death Notti osama age is 14 years old. He had three brothers JayKlickin and JStar Balla, DD Osama, along with a sister named Melz.

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The Circumstances Surrounding Notti Osama’s Death

It was a regular & shiny day when something very sad happened, taking away someone who meant a lot to many people. What exactly happened to Notti Osama is a sad story that shows us how easily life can be lost.

Notti Osama Death Date is 9th July, 2022

The loss of a young life is a sad reminder of the vulnerabilities that individuals may face, including issues related to violence, mental health, and the pressures of fame and success at a young age.

Reyes, also known as the rapper “Notti Osama,” and Martinez were part of different groups that didn’t get along, and their tension had been growing. That Saturday afternoon, Reyes and his two buddies were out walking near 137th Street and Broadway. They ran into Martinez, who was on his way to the subway station to catch a train going uptown.

Reyes picked up a broomstick, and they all went after Martinez into the subway station. They ended up at one end of the subway platform, where Reyes hit Martinez with the stick. But then, Martinez took out a knife and managed to stab Reyes in his belly.

Notti Osama Death Video / Notti Osama Death Footage

At the same time, one of Reyes’s friends tried to attack Martinez with something sharp. Even though Reyes was hurt, he pushed Martinez onto the subway tracks. Martinez was able to get back up and run away from the station. Meanwhile, Reyes tried to walk but ended up falling down on the stairs.

This whole fight happened around 3 in the afternoon at the subway station on 137th Street and City College on the number 1 train line in the area called Hamilton Heights.

Sadly, the stab wound was very serious. Reyes’s liver was damaged, and he passed away soon after, while the emergency medical team was taking him to the hospital.

Martinez was taken into custody a short time later, with assistance from his mom. NYPD detectives and district attorney’s staff questioned him. He also received medical care for a hurt back and two stab injuries on his left hip from the confrontation.

Initially, police planned to accuse Martinez of a more serious crime, second-degree murder, but the charge was reduced to first-degree manslaughter by the prosecutors. Right from Martinez’s first court appearance, the prosecutor had doubts about how strong their case was. They started to investigate if Martinez was defending himself when he claimed he was attacked by people connected to Reyes before the incident happened.

The Response from the Community

The news of Notti Osama’s death was met with an outpouring of grief and tributes from fans, fellow artists, and community members who recognized his potential and mourned the loss of his future contributions to music. Social media platforms became spaces for sharing condolences, memories, and messages of support for his family and friends during this difficult time.

Everyone let’s all appreciate how ddot never forgets about notti and always puts his name in a song like he is never forgotten and the way how ddot said notti’s name like he was not forgotten.

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